How to get the biggest BANG for your buck?

When calling a lady over for a visit I am sure all you gentlemen expect her to come showered, perfumed and most importantly smooth in all the right places. Well, I will let you in on a little secret… The ladies expect the same from you as well

How is it that some guys are not recently showered, or smell like they have just come home from the gym? This is one of the most important things – when inviting a lady over please have proper hygiene.

Not only is your personal hygiene an important factor but your surroundings say a lot about you as well. When you open your door whether it be a residence or hotel please make sure that your place is in proper order. A classy girl does not want a smelly house, or having to walk over clothes and/or garbage. This is quite common and does not go over very well with my ladies. Please tidy up before the lady arrives.

Once the lady has been invited in and sees that you are well groomed, and that you have a clean home, she is now going to be curious as to what kind of guy you are. A great way to show her good manners is to offer her a drink, it could be a bottle of water, pop, or a glass of wine, but taking 5 minutes to make her comfortable in your home is key!

Those tips alone make for a comfortable and successful rendez-vous which is very important because all gentlemen are expecting the very best! A lady will always give her all when she is well pampered and treated with respect.

Another tip that is VERY important; a proper working washroom with clean towels. A working lady with “class” will ask to use your washroom before she leaves your residence. It is essential to have a clean shower, new soap and fresh towels waiting for the ladies use. If you really want to spoil the lady a new toothbrush would be appreciated as well! A common error in the washroom, no toilet paper! Please think ahead before you invite a lady over.

These essential tips will make your time with her more pleasurable. By the end you will realize that you just got the biggest bang for your buck!

Bye for now,

Michelle XOXO

Envious Competitors

I have been in this business for over the last 10 years and have been able to uphold an outstanding reputation; it takes a lot of work, dedication and sleepless nights!

Anyone can open up an agency and call themselves #1, I actually get a kick out of watching these temporary agencies TRYING to run a legitimate business.  Unfortunately the ones who get caught by these “fly by nighters” are the clients which gives the reputable agencies a bad wrap!

Thankfully technology today gives us the freedom to inform the clients who to be weary of.  I intend to use my blog to make sure that you can identify the ‘thieves’ of the business!

It’s simple; take a look at my website.  Look at the ladies, look at my rates and services.  This is how my agency has been running for years.  Now take a look at some other agencies out there.  Can you identify the ‘copycats’?  I mean don’t get me wrong I take it as a COMPLIMENT of course!  If they are copying me it proves that I am #1 and not because I voted my self as #1 but because I have worked hard!  I have thousands of followers through social media; we have outstanding reviews, repeat clients, and beautiful girls… And most of all ENVIOUS COMPETITORS!!!

Bye for now



Beware of False Advertising

I recently read an article in a local newspaper about Montreal having high end escort agencies advertising  but having low end escorts showing up at the door.  One customer who is a frequent visitor to Montreal says he  ”cannot understand what has happened to this city”  Although there are many escort operators who open up these “fly by night” agencies, Montreal is still a very popular place to call escorts.  Men tend to visit Montreal just for the escorts; another customer said that he visited here for the escorts because “the prices are low, the girls are open minded and beautiful”.  The trick is though how do you find the right agency?  This seems to be a major problem right now.  How do you weed out the bad from the good? 

 Here are a few tips that might help you!

1.  Any agency can advertise as being #1, or Well established etc…  How can you know if this is true?  Take the time to do a check.  Go to and type in the website address of the particular agency you are interested in.  It will tell you the date that the domain name was purchased.  You will see that some of the nicest looking websites have been around less than a year or two.  RED FLAG!  Avoid!

2.  If you see and agency having “starting” rates – AVOID.  They will send you the same girl at $180 for $300.  Biggest scam yet!  Top ladies will not work somewhere where they are being classified like this.

3.  Cancellation fees:  If a escort agency has prepared you for a cancellation fee chances are its because they know you are going to cancel the escort when she gets to your door.  Meaning they are Bait & switch.  AVOID!!

4.  If the girl comes to your door and she is not what is promised, tell her to leave.  Don’t pay her a dime, they wasted your time.  Sometimes its even better to just peep out the hole in your door and if you are not happy don’t answer.  Don’t ever let any girl or operator intimidate you.  Call another agency, there are reputable operators who do care about their clients.

5.  The booker is not a sales person, he/she is supposed to take their time to accommodate your wants and needs.  If the booker is answering YES to all of your questions then that tends to be a bad sign.  If they rush you for your information, another bad sign.  Make sure the agency you call has good customer service and really helps you find the right escort for you.  Reputable agencies have the time to talk to their clients.

I hope these 5 tips helped!  Stay tuned into my blog for more updates about the Montreal Escorts news!  There is always something going on in the world of Escorts!

Bye for now

Michelle xoxo


What is the reality of meeting with one of our Sweet Montreal escorts?

The truth is that we go above and beyond for all of our clients to ensure your satisfaction.  We accept certain requests such as outfits, dinner arrangements, party planning etc.  We will do our absolute best to make sure that your appointment will go smoothly and that the ladies exceed all of your expectations physically and emotionally.

What do we consider a fantasy?

As much as we appreciate all requests and take each one seriously there are some that cannot be fulfilled.

We have received many emails and phone calls from gentlemen hoping for a lady to live out a certain fantasy like they see in a Porn movie.  The ladies cannot perform an act in a bar, nor can they rein act the scene from Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts is sitting on the Piano in the lounge area of the hotel.

Our Montreal escorts respect your privacy and anonymity.  They expect the same from those they meet as well.  We ask that you understand why they must be discreet.  What goes on behind closed doors is between you and the lady, no one else.

Until next time,


Sweet Montreal Escorts

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